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We here at SET THE NIGHT TO MUSIC appreciate the effort you are putting into hiring a reliable, responsible entertainer for your event.  We've put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions for you to review.  
Q.  Have you commited yourself to follow the ADJA Code of Professional Conduct?
A.  Yes.  We have been in business since 1989 and in that time we have continually strived to build integrity within our industry and within our own company.  We are certainly hired to entertain, which we do very well, but Professionalism can never be compromised.
Q.  Are you insured?
Can you supply me with proof of liability?

A.  Yes, we are insured.  We carry both liability and workers compensation insurance.  We would be happy to provide you with proof if you require it.
Q.  Will you be willing to play requests and discuss music ahead of time?
A.  We always welcome guest requests and play them quickly so that your guests will want to stay and dance!  You are more than welcome to make musical selections ahead of time as well.  I just ask you to remember that you will most likely have a wide age span within your group and a certain amount of diversity as well.  Knowing this, you will want to select music that's appropriate for everyone and not offensive to anyone.
Q.  Do you use Professional Equipment?
A.  Yes.  I won't try to amaze you with brand names and model numbers, but suffice it to say, we do not cheap out with equipment.  It's our bread and butter.  We update our equipment annually and use extreme care when transporting it.  We believe in preventing problems rather than solving them at an event.  Each time our equipment is set up or torn down, we inspect it for wear and tear, loose connections and burned out lights. 
Q.  Do you provide backup equipment at my event? 
A.  Yes.  We carry a complete second sound system that could simply be plugged into our speakers, an outlet and our computer and be ready to use in less than one minute if needed.  There are many times when we'll use our second system for an outdoor portion of an event (i.e. wedding ceremony) while our primary equipment is inside and running for other portions of the event.  We always carry four speakers and sometimes we'll use six for certain logistical situations.  We haven't had to use our back-up equipment for any emergency situations, but it is always there and ready to go. 
Q.  What happens in the event of an illness or an accident of my disc jockey?
A.  The owners personnally back up each event.  If unavailable, we have two other very reliable and experienced people who can step in with short notice.

Q.  How many events do you book?
A.  We book only three events on any given date.  This means we have six complete sound systems and laptop computers and vehicles to transport equipment to several locations.  We do not over-book or sub-contract with other companies to cover our events.  We would never take that kind of a chance with anyone's "Big Day". 

Q.  How much time do you allow for set-up?
A.  Our set-up time ranges from 30 minutes to one hour depending upon the banquet facility (Some larger venues take a little longer because of using a loading dock and elevator rather than the front door).  We typically arrive about 1 1/2 hours prior to our start time to set up equipment if we can't set it up earlier in the day.
Q.  Do you provide a written contract, that will include the name of my specific disc jockey? What, if any, would be the amount of my deposit? 

A.  We do provide you with a written contract.  We don't put the name of your specific DJ in the contract since most times we are booking several months out.  We do have long term employees and excellent retention of employees.  In all cases, we will let our client know who is scheduled for their event and we will communicate with them if that were to change.  Our deposit requirement is $200 with the balance being paid 30 days before the actual contract date.
Q.  Will you be suitably dressed for my occasion?

A.  Yes, absolutely.  We will be dressed in professional apparel.   You won't see us wearing innappropriate footwear (a personal pet peeve).  Our male DJ's are required to wear a tie.  Our females always wear clothing appropriate for the event as well.
Q.  Do you belong to a professional organization or trade group?

A.  Yes, we belong to several.  We belong to the National Association of Mobile Entertainers, Midwest Association of Professional Disc Jockeys, American Disc Jockey Association, along with several others both locally and nationally.  We have also been invited to join the Better Business Bureau as well.

Q.  My fiance' and I would like to have a DJ/MC that can have fun with us and laugh, without any awkwardness and discomfort.  What is your typical style?
A.  We vary our style according to your wishes.  Most of our clients do not want a "cheesy" DJ, therefore we ask questions to determine your comfort level in the spotlight and what you would like as far as our "level of personality".  With you, we'll determine what style is appropriate for you.

Q.  For the night, will there be a DJ and an MC (staff of 2) or just one person doing both?
A.  We always have two DJ's scheduled for each event unless arrangements have been made ahead of time for something different.  One person is clearly in charge and responsible for the success of the event.  That person is very experienced and in many cases, has trained other DJ's within our company.  The other person is sometimes less experienced but is fully capable of running the system alone.  A staff of two at each event enables us to work more closely with your guests and to keep the event on schedule.  It also allows us to field guest requests and play them very quickly.

Q.  How flexible are you with the music library?  Can we add songs that are not currently on the list?  If so, how many songs and for how much additional fee per song?
A.  We maintain flexibility throughout everything that we do.  You are welcome to pick the songs that you want played beforehand and you can also let us know which songs you do not want played.  We will obtain any number of songs for you if necessary without any additional charges to you.  Keep in mind that we'll play between fifteen and twenty songs per hour on average, so you don't want to give a playlist of 200 songs without some sort of "Don't Play/Try to Play/Must Play" coding.

Q.  What do your DJ/MC's wear on the job?  Is there any flexibility with this uniform?
A.  We typically wear professional apparel.  We are happy to dress accordingly for theme parties.  We will also wear the "psuedo-tux" that most DJ's are prone to wear if you prefer.

Q.  If something comes up the night of which prompts my fiance'  or me to change the order of songs or activities, how flexible are you to that?  
A.  We are professionals in all we do and by that we mean that we have no problem with shaking up the order of events if necessary.  It is actually unusual for things to go exactly as planned beforehand.  We work with you to establish an order of events and a timetable, but we're very comfortable changing things up if necessary.

Please feel free to email any other questions you may have or call us at 262-251-7446.  We sincerely appreciate your interest in hiring SET THE NIGHT TO MUSIC, and we look forward to hearing from you and meeting with soon.

Email us at any time!

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